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3D Home Theatre Bonanza

With the initial 3D releases from Sony and JVC not making a big splash (due to the $5-$10K price tag) we thought 3D wouldn't take off. Luckily Epson, Optoma and Panasonic have been working hard over the last 12 months to integrate 3D into their home theatre offerings and the release of their new units has not disappointed.

The Epson EH-TW5900 is the entry level unit which doesn't come with glasses has basic features but at around $2k gives the entry level user a high performance Full HD model. The bulk of end users will be looking at the Epson EH-TW6000 which offers 2 pairs of active shutter glasses and a high contrast and brightness. They have also released a wireless model of this the EH-TW6000W which is the first Full HD home theatre projector to offer WiHD though some in the industry call it WiHDMI. Basically it is a new technology that can transmit a Full HD 3D signal wirelessly. though at reasonably short range 5-10 metres.
They are also expected to release their high end units towards the end of the 2011 the EH-TW8000 and the EH-TW9000W which will offer much higher performance but at around the $4k price point.

Panasonic has stuck with the one unit home theatre range with the new PT-AE7000E which has truly made a jump forward in image quality while offering new 3D abilities at around the $4k price point.

Optoma have just released the HD33 and the HD83 both offering a DLP based 3D home theatre option.



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