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Epson Warns against buying Grey Imports

– Epson have started a campaign of warning projector customers about grey imports. In recent years it has become a bigger problem and many consumers are unaware that products purchased overseas are not covered by warranty from Epson Australia and must be sent back to the country of origin.

Some sellers who are importing the projectors illegally have been supporting it with a 12month "sellers" warranty which if honoured, if the seller is still around is still much shorter than the genuine Epson Australia warranty. Turn around times would be very slow as this would still require the product to be repaired overseas.

Before you purchase an Epson projector when you are overseas, or online from an overseas source, you should carefully consider the many benefits of buying instead from an authorised dealer in Australia or New Zealand.

1. Warranty provisions
For most products the Australian and New Zealand warranty provisions will be more beneficial for you than the warranty from the country of origin.  This is related to differences in consumer protection laws between Australia and other countries.  Please compare warranty provisions and choose the one that gives you the greatest protection.

As an example, for several Epson products if the product is damaged or is not working when you receive it you will need to return it to the place of purchase at your own expense – as you would if purchased in Australia – to have it repaired or replaced. Epson Australia cannot accept products for repair or replacement under warranty provisions specific to another country.

2. Taxes and charges
In some cases you may be liable for import duty or other taxes or charges when the product arrives in Australia or New Zealand.  You should always check with the Australian or New Zealand Customs Service before purchasing a product from overseas.

Products purchased within Australia and New Zealand will not incur additional taxes and charges.

3. Manual and support
Products sold in other countries will be supplied with set-up instructions and manuals in the language of the country of origin.  While some products may have multi-lingual manuals you should check whether the product you want has a manual you can use.

Epson provides set-up and installation support only for products purchased within Australia and New Zealand from authorised Epson dealers.  (Your product’s serial number will allow Epson to identify its country of origin.)

4. Safety standards and compliance
Products sold in other countries are configured to comply with the safety and electrical standards and regulations of that country.  As a result they may not comply with Australian or New Zealand electrical safety standards and you may incur additional costs in having the product configured to comply with the relevant local standards.

Before making a purchase decision you should check that the product complies with Australian or New Zealand safety and electrical standards.



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