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Dell 1800MP Review

The Dell 1800MP comes in at quite a good buy price and for a small unit is still fairly powerful. The unit features an XGA resolution giving good detail for smaller texts and large screen sizes. The brightness is rated at 2100 lumens which would be enough to present in an artificially lit room. The unit itself is quite portable at 2.1kg but to get a good low buy price they cut the warranty to a fairly surprising 1 year and having a Singapore based support center has not impressed quite a few Dell customers. There are warranty upgrades available but to get to the standard that the other brands provide you have to pay more making it more expensive than most competitors when providing the same warranty term.

The connections offered no surprises with the standard assortment of VGA, S-video and composite plugs on the rear. The design of the chassis makes it a bit cumbersome for portable presentations with a cube shape. What was surprising on turning the unit on was the noise level. It is 36dB on normal mode which is a noise level we'd expect from an ultra portable model with that sort of brightness. Obviously not too much care was put into the design of the cooling system.

The unit produced a strong contrast level which was expected being a DLP projector but dell have gone for an older style 4 segment colour wheel running at two speed which is alright for people not prone to the rainbow effect but will be quite unbearable for people affected by this. Brands like BenQ, Viewsonic and even Mitsubishi have come out with units featuring 5 segment colour wheels almost a year ago and it is quite surprising to still find the older style 4 segment units coming out.

Considering the specifications, price, and Dells ever diminishing reputation for customer service in Australia it may be worthwhile looking at some alternatives



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