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Epson EB-915W Review

5 stars out of 5

Epson EB-915W Widescreen Projector Review

The Epson EB-915W has been purpose built for a boardroom situation. It is bright at 3200 lumens and can handle even a brightly lit room and matches this up with a high definition widescreen resolution giving you a lot of detail in the picture while making it a lot easier to set up with all the modern laptops and computers being widescreen.

For setup they have included a 1.6x optical zoom lens which makes for easy placement when your are restricted in mounting positions. You can increase an image size from a close distance or decrease it from a longer distance providing for a lot more flexibility. Additionally they have included not just Vertical keystone for positioning high up or down low but also the rarer Horizontal keystone allowing for positioning left or right fo centre and still achieving a square image.

The widescreen resolution will also make it better for multipurpose use where you can get a lot more out of movies and sports. Combined with a respectable 2000:1 contrast ratio it will give you deeper colour's and black levels making the EB-915W a good all rounder.

When it comes to the connectivity they have loaded it up with the newer HDMI connector, a VGA that also doubles as a component connector via an adapter, S-video, and composite(with Composite audio). But as a standout they have also included a USB (A) connector for direct PC-Free presentations via memory stick (JPEG images only) and a USB (B) connector for quick and easy PC connection saving you fiddling with laptop settings. As an added bonus you can upgrade it to wireless allowing you to stream your image without a cable. But as with all wifi it is made for still images not video. They have also made it compatible with the Epson document camera which allows you to project printed documents, books, or objects without a PC.

With automatic vertical keystone the EB-915W setup is a easier than most competitors but they have also included a manual horizontal keystone adjustment which allows you to have the EB-915W off centre left to right without distortion. It also has an instant off function so there's no need to wait around for a lengthy cool down process. Lamp life is very good too with a 4000 hour lamp life on high brightness mode and 6000 hour lamp life on eco mode plus the lamp is only $199 to replace.

At 3.1kg it is small enough to carry as a portable unit and can be easily installed on a ceiling mount. All in all a great projector with a never ending set of features low running costs and a 3 year warranty. Definitely a top unit.

EB-915W Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Dec 9 .
Epson EB-915W Widescreen Projector Review
Rating: 5

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