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Epson EH-TW5200 3D Projector Review

EH-TW5200 Review
EH-TW5200 Rear

EPSON EH-TW5200 Full High Definition 3D Home Theatre Projector

Epson have always made incredible high end theatre projectors but for the first time they've built a Full HD home theatre projector for the entry level market and with impressive results.

The EH-TW5200 offers fantastic brightness solid contrast and great colour reproduction and though they've shaved off some of the zoom and placement flexibility of the high end models in most theatre installations these aren't necessarily required. The EH-TW5200 has the full HD resolution and has a solid brightness of 2000 lumens. The contrast is a respectable 15,000:1 perfect with movies games and sport.

The lamp life is excellent at 6,000 hours and the lamps are a mere $99rrp making for one of the most affordable projectors in the long term. The 3D glasses operate via radio frequency signals instead of the older infrared making for a much more reliable and stable connection. You no longer need to maintain constant line of sight and it eliminates the need to re sync glasses if you loose the signal. Some remote controls tended to interfere with the IR glasses so this completely eliminates this issue. The 3D glasses eliminate the need to buy batteries as they are now rechargeable.

All in all the EH-TW5200 is a fantastic release with some of the best brightness and detail in this sort of price range and we're happy to give it the full five star rating.

EH-TW5200 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Sept 12 .
Epson EH-TW5200 Projector Review
Rating: 5

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