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Epson EH-TW5300 3D Projector Review

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EPSON EH-TW5300 Full High Definition 3D Home Theatre Projector

Epson have thrown the gauntlet down with yet another milestone in entry level home theatre projectors. Though Full HD projectors have been coming out around the $1k mark for a while now the EH-TW5300 does it with a sharp contrasty picture and a pretty decent list of handy features.

The TW5300 has enough brightness to deal with a bit of ambient light in the room, though not perfect for a sun drenched room you won't have to get blackout blinds and eliminate light sources. The colour reproduction is top notch but we are coming to expect that from Epson with a great history of successful projectors.

If you have an installation that is a bit off centre the TW5300 comes with both vertical and horizontal keystone correction. Though i would recommend to instal it reasonably close to centred from left to right for best results, it does offer some handy flexibility if this isn't possible.

The lamp is amazingly cheap at just $119rrp and still boasts a long life of 7,500 hours making for a really low running cost.

Two features that Epson usually reserve for the top end models are Frame interpolation and 2D to 3D conversion. It is great to see these filtering into the entry level models. 2D to 3D conversion allows you to upgrade content recorded in standard 2D and give it a little bit of extra depth. Though not quite as nice as a native 3D movie.
The frame interpolation is an awesome feature. This adds in frames that are not in the original movie or TV signal making a more free moving and flowing picture. Fantastic for action movies and sport this really sets the TW5300 as one of the better home theatre projectors on the market.

EH-TW5300 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Jan 21 .
Epson EH-TW5300 Projector Review
Rating: 5

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