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Epson EH-TW5900 3D Projector Review

EPSON EH-TW5900 Full High Definition 3D Home Theatre Projector

Epson have for years been the market leader in projectors as well as in the home theatre market. They have yet again broken the benchmark with the new EH-TW5900 projector. This unit give you the ability to get full high definition 3D movies in your living room without breaking the bank.

Epson have recognised the need for a projector that can handle a room that hasn't been blacked out and they have equiped the TW5900 with a decent brightness of 2000 lumens. this allows it to handle some light in the room as well as giving you a boost for 3D use. Whenever using a projector in 3D mode the glasses decrease the brightness level, so a brighter projector gives you a massive advantage.

The 3D performance on this projector is exceptional. Unlike the cinema and some cheap LG 3D attempts the Epson uses active shutter glasses. These give you a better experience where both the foreground and background images stay sharp. The Epson also uses a much faster 3D system of 480hz giving you a smoother moving image and a lot more brightness coming through the glasses.

The colour reproduction is excellent with the new D9 LCD panel providing you 12bit colour. Contrast is respectable at 20,000:1 giving you good deep black shading.

Installation is easy with automatic vertical keystone the screen image is auto adjusted when you tilt the projector up or down. The hoizontal keystone is simply adjusted with a slider control above the lens allowing you to have the projector off centre. For the best image detail we would recommend to have the projector reasonably centred. The less adjustment you do the better everythign appears.

2D performance was very good, the projector has great detail quiet operation and is bright enough for a lit room. For a good 3D we found you should have a fairly dimm room but the image quality was very good. The EH-TW5900 is a solid performer and would make a great addition to any hometheatre but it doesn't come with glasses ($99 each) so we would highly recommend the EH-TW6000 instead. It is only a little more expensive but you get 2 pairs of glasses with better contrast bightness. Definitely worth the extra few bucks.

EH-TW5900 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 28 .
Epson EH-TW5900 Projector Review
Rating: 4

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