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Epson EH-TW6100 3D Projector Review

EH-TW6100 Review
EH-TW6100 Rear

EPSON EH-TW6100 Full High Definition 3D Home Theatre Projector

With one of the most popular home theatre projectors on the market the TW6000 Epson hardly needed to reinvent the wheel for the 2013 release. They have however made some key changes and added some great features which make the Epson EH-TW6100 a fantastic projector and a worthwhile upgrade from the previous model.

The EH-TW6100 has the full HD resolution and has had its brightness lifted ever so slightly to 2300 lumens. The contrast stays at 40,000:1 quite a respectable mark perfect with movies games and sport, and offers a decent zoom of 1.6x making for one of the more flexible projectors on the market. They have also equipped it with both Vertical and Horizontal keystone correction allowing for it to be off centre, perfect for tricky installations.

The lamp life is still 5,000 hours and the lamps stay at $299rrp making for one of the more affordable projectors in the long term. The major improvement though is in the glasses and the 3D functionality. The new ELPGS03 glasses operate via radio frequency signals instead of the older infrared making for a much more reliable and stable connection. You no longer need to maintain constant line of sight and it eliminates the need to re sync glasses if you loose the signal. Additionally some remote controls tended to interfere with the IR glasses so this completely eliminates this issue. As a bonus the new glasses eliminate the need to buy batteries as they are now rechargeable.

The 3D system on the projector has also received a few updates with improved software making for a better 3D picture. In some cases on the previous model there was 'slight' interference or digital artifacts but with the TW6100 this has been eliminated. Epson have also included 2D to 3D conversion allowing for normal 2D movies to be viewed in 3D. Though this won't be as good as a movie of program recorded in natively in 3D it actually works quite well.

All in all the EH-TW6100 is a very good update to an already excellent model and we're happy to give it the full five star rating.

EH-TW6100 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Nov 28 .
Epson EH-TW6100 Projector Review
Rating: 5

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