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Epson EMP-TW700 Review

EPSON EMP-TW700 High Definition TFT Home Theatre Projector

We had high expectations when we reviewed the Epson TW700 and it didn't disappoint. With the very high, true high definition resolution of WXGA 1280 X 720 this projector will give you one of the sharpest native widescreen pictures available in its class. The Epson TW700 is equipped with whopping 10000:1 contrast ratio (yes thats ten thousand to one) for the blackest of blacks and well defined colours. The TW700 is also incredibly quiet with a barely audible 26dB noise rating, way under the average rating of approximately 30-35dB. As one of the brightest home theatre projectors available, the unit can also be used in semi-lit rooms without sacrificing the image quality!

Traditionally the LCD projectors have been excellent for colour reproduction but have fallen short with a lower contrast than the DLP alternative. As mentioned above, this Epson unit offers a massive contrast ratio exceeding that of 98% of all others on the market. Epson has managed to do this using a new filter (or Iris), that increases the contrast substantially while still maintaining the benefits of excellent colour reproduction.

With Epson's new lens shift technology, the days of keystone correction are over. Keystone correction, is software built into most projectors to allow the user to correct the distortion (usually vertical) that is caused when the projector is pointed at an angle to the screen. With lens shift, it's simply a matter of adjusting the lens. This method makes it easier to position the projector, plus allows for wider positioning of the projector (ie left or right, up or down of the screen). The Epson TW700 also offers a 2.2x optical zoom, allowing the projector to be positioned either very close or far back from the screen without changing the image size. A great feature for those with limited mounting positions.

How good is the image? Epson's TW700 high definition home theatre projector is the upgrade to the popular TW600 that won countless awards from around the world, so when we first heard of this new release we had very high expectations. Trust me when I say we were not let down. It offers an incredibly sharp image with amazing colour and outstanding detail. We had a chance to review EMP TW700 with a massive image of 3.5metres (wide) and even at that huge size the image was perfect. It features a fairly strong lamp so even when your using it with a large screen size you can still get a well defined image.

Panasonic have also released a new home theatre projector with similar specifications to the Epson, however after viewing both we have chosen the Epson as our recommended unit. This is due to the higher contrast ratio the Epson offers, the higher optical zoom, and the fact that Epson actually manufacture the LCD panel for Panasonic resulting in both projectors having the same image base. While the Panasonic is capable of a slightly higher brightness level, it does loose a fair bit a colour accuracy and contrast when doing so.

If you are after a true high definition solution for your home, this Epson EMP-TW700 is the ultimate choice.

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