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Optoma HD33 3D Projector Review

Optoma HD33 3D Full High Definition Home Theatre Projector Review

Optoma have for years spearheaded the DLP projector market both as an OEM manufacturer for brands like Toshiba HP and Dell and under their own label. The release of the new HD33 projector yet again breaks new ground by making a full HD 3D projector below $2500.

The HD33 in comparison to its Epson rival the EH-TW6000 offers the benefit of a DLP chip giving you closer pixel spacing and a more film like image. The unit has a decent contrast level of 10,000:1 which isn't up to the levels of some of the LCD models but it will give you much higher contrast levels on its brighter modes than its LCD rivals.

2D performance we found to be very good. Colouring was vibrant and contrast levels respectable. the picture is bright and the projector can handle a lit room fairly well even though the brightness is not as high as some of the LCD rivals. 3D performance was quite good as well but we would look towards a dim room for the 3D use as the brightness does drop fairly considerably.

All in all the HD33 is a good unit which will impress almost everyone. For the enthusiast we would look towards the higher end HD83 with more calibration features and higher contrast or some of the new Panasonic and Epson releases. But for the price this is a great unit.

HD33 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 28 .
Optoma HD33 Projector Review
Rating: 4

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