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Infocus IN24+ Review

The Infocus IN24+ comes in at a very good buy price below the $1kAUD and has some fairly strong features. The unit features an SVGA resolution which is still fairly decent for most uses like movies powerpoints etc. but for more detailed presentations with smaller texts and high resolution images the IN26+ would be a good alternative with the more detailed XGA reolution. The IN24+ also features an upgraded lamp at 2400 lumens brightness being able to handle artificially lit rooms easily and even a good degree of natural light. The unit itself is quite portable at 2.7kg but to get a good low buy price they have made the case an optional extra costing about $49.

The unit is designed fairly well with an easy to access lamp door and a replacement lamp cost of a mere $399 making it quite affordable for that brightness level.

The picture was quite good with very good performance on DVD's as well as the good old xbox 360. The performance on data presentations was quite good also with a nice bright picture and a strong contrast level. The colours were also quite good, and overall we were impressed with the image quality. Though we'd recommend the unit for presentation up to a 2m wide image size. Larger than that and the IN26+ would win out with the more detailed resolution.

Infocus have made an onsite warranty for all their units recently and this one comes with a 2 year onsite warranty for fairly good in that aspect. Good little business projector overall but a case would have been nice.

IN24+ Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 16 .
Infocus IN24+ Projector Review
Rating: 4

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