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Infocus IN76 Review

The Infocus IN76 high definition home theatre projector features a true high definition resolution of WXGA 1280 X 720 and a 3,000:1 contrast ratio for the strong blacks. The IN76 hasn't gone for the new trend of making brighter units for rooms that can't be darkened that both Panasonic and Epson have done but still has a fair brightness of 1000 lumens.

Infocus has also stayed away from features like lens shift and a large zoom lens so the unit will be harder to place in a room where there are restrictions in the mounting position but for most home theatres this will still be fine as most users still end up centering their projectors anyway.

We tested the unit on a DVD player and an Xbox 360 and we liked the colour reproduction with a 6 segment colour wheel the unit makes some great colours and the 4 speed colour wheel means that even users prone to seeing the rainbow effect should be quite safe. Where the unit was let down was the contrast where is produced 3000:1 and while this is still quite good it is no where near the current standards being brought in by the LCD projector with 10,000:1+ contrast ratio's. The noise was also quite a bit more than most projectors produce now with Infocus not mentioning the noise rating but it was well above the amount you'd want in a home theatre.

The physical look of the unit is excellent with a sleek glossy black casing and the image was fairly good. The price for the unit is very high with sales restricted to home theatre stores with displays, and all in all it's specifications remind us of units like the Optoma HD70 which has similar features and is priced at about $1999.

IN76 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 22 .
Infocus IN76 Projector Review
Rating: 3

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