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BenQ MP611 Review

As one of the best value projectors on the market, the new BenQ MP611 not only has a great modern appearance but a lamp life of up to 4000 hours. It's the perfect value option for those who would like to do a bit of everything with their projector. It offers an exceptional brightness rating of 2400 ANSI Lumens making it great for business presentations, home movies, retail advertising and even watching the footy on a Saturday afternoon.

The unit uses the latest DLP technology with a 5 segment colour wheel eliminating rainbow effects seen in its predecessors (PB6110, PB6210) and some older DLP models.

The image was very good. We found it to be great for both powerpoint presentations, and with movies. The resolution is SVGA but as long as your not using a huge screen size it still gives quite a nice picture. We also consider this one to be a good multipurpose unit as the colour and contrast are fairly decent. Though you do get a better result with a home theatre unit the MP611 can handle a lot more light than a home theatre unit can so if your restricted by the room lighting this is a good choice.

This projector is relatively easy to carry around with a high quality soft carry case included. It comes with the required base mounting holes so can be ceiling mounted if required.

MP611 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 03 .
BenQ MP611 Projector Review
Rating: 4.5

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