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Sanyo PLV-Z5 Review

Sanyo PLV-Z5 High Definition LCD Home Theatre Projector

The Sanyo PLV Z5 projector is a 720p model with quite a good amount of detail in the image an features quite a high contrast level of 10,000:1. This is similar to the new Epson TW700 with a similar LCD engine driving the beast and the Z5 also has a similar zoom lens of 2x allowing quite flexible installation.

Though traditionally LCD units have lacked the contrast to be truly successful un the home theatre market this unit is utilizing the new iris technology to create quite a strong contrast level of 10,000:1. The new technology has really made LCD projectors number one in the home theatre market with many traditionally DLP manufacturers making LCD units for their home theatre market. The PLV-Z5 has a new system utilizing two iris systems to get it's massive contrast but unfortunately has a lower brightness than many competitors so we'd only recommend it for dedicated rooms with a pretty dark room.

The inputs aren't mentioned much anymore with most projectors having a stock standard set on them but the Sanyo has doubled up some of the traditional inputs like component and HDMI making it easier to setup without an AV switch or AMP.

The look won't win any awards and really lets it down with a boxy early 90's car body being the likely inspiration but at least Sanyo have made it a practical unit. The motorized lens cover impressed us the most which ensures a clean lens without having to get up on a chair every time you turn the unit on and off.

The Image itself was not terribly impressive out of the box and only after a fidle with the colour settings did it really come good. Quite good actually with a sharp picture and great colour reproduction. The unit performed well with DVD's Blueray discs and the good old xbox 360 and is a very quiet unit. The only complaint we had here was the brightness of the image which will restrict its use to darker home theatre rooms and image sizes less than 100" or risk a washed out image.

PLV-Z5 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 10 .
Sanyo PLV-Z5 Projector Review
Rating: 3.5

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