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Panasonic PT-AE3000E Review

Panasonic PT-AE3000E Full High Definition Home Theatre Projector

Replacing the PT-AE2000E is the new release PT-AE3000E Full HD home theatre projector. This new model features an improved contrast ratio at a whopping 60,000:1, and comes with the usual lens shift, large zoom lens, quiet operation etcetera. The major difference with the Panasonic is the image smoothing technology they have equipped it withthe AE3000 is a smooting feature that they have included on their home theatre range. Most LCD projectors have a small gap between the pixels which on a Full high definition projector is in our opinion really not an issue unless you are at a silly distance from the projected image (1metre or less). Panasonic have equipped the AE3000E with smooth screen technology that is intended to blur out the gap but on viewing it makes the image a little soft for our liking, almost appearing out of focus.

Traditionally the LCD projectors have been excellent for colour reproduction but have fallen short with a lower contrast than the DLP alternative. But in the last few years LCD manufacturers have developed an iris system increasing the contrast dramatically. Panasonic call it an "optical compensator" but it is an iris just the same with the capability to block off more light giving the massive 60,000:1 contrast.

The image was Excellent with the 1080p resolution we tested it on a bluray player as well as some of the higher definition games in an xbox 360 and we were impressed by the image detail and the excellent colour reproduction straight out of the box. Though i would note that the screen smoothing technology was not a feature we appreciated. It made the picture look a little off focus.
A great feature Panasonic have carried from their last model is the split screen adjustment, where you can freeze the image on screen and have a fiddle with the colour setup with the original next to it. This side by side adjustment is an excellent feature and we would like to see more manufacturers doing it.

We couldn't however give this one top marks Panasonic have decided to only cover this fairly high priced projector with a 1 year warranty (Far less than most other manufacturers). The smoothing effect and the above average lamp price leave this one with a 4 out of 5 rating.

PT-AE3000E Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Dec 12 .
Panasonic PT-AE3000E Projector Review
Rating: 4

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