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Panasonic PT-AE8000E 3D Projector Review

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PT-AE8000E Rear

Panasonic PT-AE8000E Full High Definition 3D Home Cinema Projector

The Panasonic PT-AE8000E is a great new addition to the already successful line up being released this year. It carries on many of the successful features from previous models that Panasonic have become known for including the massive 2.0x zoom allowing for a flexible installation in terms of distance, and the Horizontal & Vertical lens shift allowing for an off centre instal as well.

The Panasonic AE8000E also offers frame creation in effect upscaling fast action movies and games to 120hz for a clearer picture in action scenes. The 2D to 3D conversion works quite well allowing you to enhance traditional 2D movies to have a 3D feel, while not as good as a movie shot in 3D it does give you an extra level of depth and a worthwhile feature.

The area that the PT-AE8000E makes its mark over its predecessors is the improvement in brightness and contrast. At 2400 lumens brightness the AE8000E can handle light in the room and a large image size without trouble. Coupled with a massive 500,000:1 contrast level the Panasonic offers inky deep blacks perfect for dedicated theatre rooms and bringing up all the detail of even the darkest sci-fi movie.

With lots of great setup features like split screen colour adjustment lots of zoom and of course lens shift the Panasonic makes a great theatre projector. Pack in great picture quality and fantastic results in both 2D & 3D the PT-AE8000E makes for a highly recommended cinema projector.

PT-AE8000E Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Mar 11.
Panasonic PT-AE8000E Projector Review
Rating: 5

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