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BenQ SP830 / SP831 Review

The BenQ SP830 and SP831 are both feature packed large venue widescreen projectors, with plenty of brightness, some of the best colours available and offering many great features. The SP831 has an awe inspiring 4000 ANSI lumen brightness level with the twin SP830 being 3500 lumens, both are perfect for even large venue use where a bright room and large screen size are a must. The only real difference is the brightness and though there isn't a huge jump between 3500 and 4000 lumens if you;ve got a bright room and have the budget the 4000 lumens will be able to take on a lot more ambient light. They both feature a detailed WXGA resolution, perfect for larger screen sizes and detailed pictures, video, or presentations. It also has a 2000:1 contrast ratio, giving tthem the ability to display true black shades and rich dark colours, resulting in high detail in darker presentations, movies, and home theatre applications.

The BenQ SP831 utilises the latest DLP technology with a 6 segment colour wheel eliminating rainbow effects seen in its predecessors (PB8250, PB8260) and some older DLP models. Combined with 10-bit image processing, which accurately renders over 1.07 billion colours, the SP831 can also adjust colour layers for enhanced image quality and faithfully reproduce colours.

Although the SP831 is incredibly powerful it is whisper quiet with an amazing noise level of just 31dB on economic mode and 33dB on high brightness mode. As an added bonus the they both include Vertical and Horizontal Keystone correction, allowing much more flexibility with placement. You can have it not only above or below the screen but also to either side.

We we're very happy with the image and even though they are this powerfull the colour reproduction is quite good, surprising even. In the higher brightness modes it does sacrifice some of it but for pubs wanting to show the footy some movies and even the home user with an unbearable amount of light in the room this unit will not dissapoint.

For presenters with better things to do than waiting for a projector to cool down, BenQ have added "Off & Go" to the features list on the SP831, allowing you to unplug and pack up without having to wait around for cooling.

The unit also includes a fully featured remote with laser pointer. The SP831 comes with the required base mounting holes so can be ceiling mounted.

SP831 & SP830 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 16 .
BenQ SP830 & SP831 Projector Review
Rating: 5

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