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Optoma UHD60 Review


UHD60 Rear

Optoma UHD60 Projector Review

The UHD60 offers an incredible 4K image finally an answer to large screen gaming and movies with 4K media. The image we found razor sharp the close pixel spacing of a DLP projector with a 4K resolution chip is a perfect marriage to give you a seamless image.

With a powerful 3000 lumen brightness the UHD60 is bright enough for a multipurpose room where you cannot get a proper darkened cinema setup. But with a massive contrast level of 1,000,000:1 can still produce deep black shading required when you do have a darkened room.

A massive feature that has made the UHD60 popular for gaming is the low input lag said to be under 50ms. With a test run on some Xbox games the UHD60 performed perfectly able to handle fast motion with ease.

The UHD60 truly comes with everything from a long zoom making it flexible to install, to HDR compatibility and a whisper quiet operating noise of 25db. Definitely a great buy the UHD60 is a perfect addition to your home theatre.

UHD60 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Jan 18 .
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Rating: 5.0

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