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Sony VPLAW15 Review

The Sony Bravia VPLAW15 is a brand new release replacing the now discontinued VPLHS60. The unit itself boasts a true high definition resolution of WXGA 1280 X 720 and a 12,000:1 contrast ratio for the very strong blacks. It hasn't gone for the new trend of making brighter units for rooms that can't be darkened that both Panasonic and Epson have done but still has a fair brightness of 1100 lumens.

It features lens shift and a 1.6x zoom lens so it is quite easy to place in most rooms. This is only surpassed by the Epson EMP-TW700 with a 2.2x zoom lens.

We tested the unit on a DVD player and an Xbox 360 and we liked the colour reproduction but in the darker areas the contrast seemed to overpower and become blotchy. Generally the picture was good but even after a tinker with the settings contrast was high but not well defined in dark spots. Places in a darker movie were less detailed than we've seen on other units.

All up it's a good unit for an alright buy price ($2300 AU) but the Sony warranty for Australia on home theatre projectors is 1 year (though there has been some confusion as the data projectors get 2 years) 3 stars is as much as this one can get.

VPLAW15 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 10 .
Sony VPL-AW15 Projector Review
Rating: 3

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