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Sony VPLCS21 Review

The Sony VPLCS21 projector is the entry level of the Sony portable business range. The unit offers an SVGA resolution 2100 lumen brightness (fine for an artificially lit room) and a fairly portable 1.9kg. The units' casing is also fairly slim and small though not as small as the Casio slimline units still quite portable.

The major advantage on these like many of the portable units is the good amount of automation that they feature. The Sony unit will focus and tilt automatically as well as adjust the keystone. It also features Off & Go so you can disconnect the power and start packing up while a capacitor inside runs the fans to expel the heat.

The connections are fairly standard with no real surprises on the sony. The image itself had quite good colour reproduction tested in both use on a DVD player and a PC and while the colour was fairly good the contrast was quite poor. For a presentation in a lit room this would not be a huge problem as the contrast is nullified by ambient light in a room but for people presenting in a darker room the black will look more like a dark gray and this will also mean less detail in the shading on the image.

The unit features an SVGA resolution which on an LCD unit meant that the image suffered from the screen door effect where the lines between the pixels were quite visible. The detail level is still fine for powerpoint presentation large text etc but for high resolution images we'd recommend either a DLP unit for less space between the pixels or stepping up to the XGA resolution.

Bottom line the unit is fine for powerpoint and other basic presentations but for detailed images and video requiring much higher contrast we'd recommend going the DLP route. Also we found the price to be a bit more than most units in the same class and this didn't translate into any extra quality or features.

VPL-CS21 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 23 .
Sony VPL-CS21 Projector Review
Rating: 3

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