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Sony VPL-HW10 Review

SONY VPL-HW10 Full High Definition Home Theatre Projector

Sony have really stepped up to the plate with the VPL-HW10. The unit has a swag of great features including a wide zoom lens, lens shift and a massive 30,000:1 contrast ratio for the blackest of blacks excellent shading and well defined colours.

Although most projector manufacturers are cranking up the lumens Sony has opted for staying with a more traditional 1000 lumens on this projector which will do the job well in a darkened home theatre room. This will however limit your choice of image size to about 120inches if you want a vibrant image above that size or with a room that has even a little bit of light we would recommend to go with something more powerful.

This Sony VPL-HW10 projector features the full high definition 1080p resolution as native and with that amount of detail this projector will give you one of the sharpest native widescreen pictures available and would be perfect for even the newest media like Bluray. The Sony HW10 is also incredibly quiet with a barely audible 22dB noise rating due to a redeveloped cooling system.

Traditionally the LCD projectors have been excellent for colour reproduction but have fallen short with a lower contrast than the DLP alternative. As mentioned above, this Sony unit offers a massive contrast ratio exceeding that of many others on the market.

The image was Excellent with the 1080p resolution we tested it on a bluray player as well as some of the higher definition games in an xbox 360 and we were impressed by the image detail and the very good colour processing. Though i would note that reds we're a little off but after a bit of fiddling with the settings we got it all up and running.

We couldn't however give this one top marks Sony have decided to only cover this fairly high priced projector with a 1 year warranty (Far less than most other manufacturers). The brightness could be better and the above average lamp price leave this one with a 3 out of 5 rating.

VPL-HW10 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Dec 12 .
Sony VPL-HW10 Projector Review
Rating: 3

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