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Optoma HD70 Review

W100 DLP Home Theatre Projector

If you don't want to put your home up for a 2nd mortgage to get awesome home theatre, look no further than BenQ's brand new W100.

The W100 has a 1300 lumen brightness level so you won't have to be poking around in the dark in order to use it. With the very impressive low noise level of 25dB you can rest assure that you won't have an annoying buzzing noise in the background when watching the latest DVD. The W100 also features an amazing 7 segment colour wheel running at 4X speed ensuring awesome colour reproduction and eliminating the chance of seeing the rainbow effect visible in older model DLP projectors.

A decent 2500:1 contrast ratio ensures that even the darkest shades of colour will be reproduced with every ounce of detail. The W100 also comes with two Component inputs, S-video, Composite, and even DVI, making it easy to connect multiple sources with ease. It also is accompanied with a fully featured backlit remote plus has the added bonus of a long lamp life of up to 4000 hours, resulting in low on-going running costs for years to come.

We we're quite happy with the picture with tests done on both DVD movies and Xbox 360 games and it performed flawlessly. The low price does mean a lower resolution but we were quite happy with an image size of up to 2 metres wide. The colour and contrast was very good and the unit is quiet, coupled with that price tag it's a winner!

W100 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 5 .
BenQ W100 Projector Review
Rating: 5

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