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BenQ W1700 Review


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BenQ W1700 Projector Review

BenQ have been the first to the Australian market with a 4K projector with the W11000 and now with the W1700 they have created a dialled back 4K projector with all the detail featuring an all new affordable price retailing at $2999.

The BenQ W1700 offers a fantastic amount of detail perfect for the new 4K media and 4K gaming consoles now readily available in the market. It is also HDR compatible giving it a better range of colour and brightness in a single image not just by contrast from light scenes to dark scenes. It also comes with the REC.709 Colour calibration ensuring it meets up to the same standards as the recording equipment movies are made on.

Where you would see the cost cutting though is the zoom. At only 1.2 it will struggle to replace an order projector installation in the same position. Though it will still be perfect for a new installation or if cabling is not difficult.

The W1700 is also a little low on the contrast level at only 10,000:1. Although this is fine with entry level projectors on a 4K machine you would expect more to be able to compete against some of its rivals. All in all a great value projector and a really detailed picture, definitely a fantastic one for your first projector.  

W1700 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Feb 18 .
BenQ W1700 Projector Review
Rating: 4.0

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