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Infocus X9 Review

Infocus have just released a new High definition home theatre projector the X9, boasting 1800 video optimized lumens a very good buy price and a small form factor it is sure to be a big success.

The X9 is designed to be an entry level high definition projector with all the detail you'll need to get the best out of any games DVD's and even high def TV. The unit is made for the entry level so doesn't have a massive zoom lens or lens shift so is a little more restricted with the installation position but most people have a reasonable deal of flexibility in their installation so this unit omits those features giving you a good amount of savings in the price of around the $1500 mark.

It still features a full set of connectors with HDMI, Component, VGA, composite, and S-video on the back panel with a small credit card sized remote being included that can clip into the top of the projector.

The Video optimized lumens are a big selling point on the X9. While there are some projectors boasting high lumen output on certain modes they generally sacrifice a lot on image quality when at the brighter settings. The X9 has been designed to get you a good image at the higher lumen output setting. If you have a room that can't be darkened easily then this unit will be one of the better ones to go for, at the higher brightness settings the X9 will give you reasonably accurate colour reproduction and decent contrast.

The image produced did not disappoint with good colouring out of the box. We do note that it doesn't have as many setup options as some of the competition but we find most users use the factory default setup in most cases and with the money saved a good screen will improve your image quality quite a lot more than a few tweaks.

All in all this is a great entry level high definition projector. We would like to see more units like these really getting the average user into hometheatre. Infocus have made an onsite warranty for all their units recently and this one comes with a 2 year onsite warranty for fairly good in that aspect.

X9 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Dec 8 .
Infocus X9 Projector Review
Rating: 4

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