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Acer XD1270D Review

The Acer XD1270D is a decent little unit. The high detail XGA resolution allows you to show high resolution images or even small text with no trouble. Additionally the high resolution is perfect for large screen sizes while still giving a detailed clear image.

The unit itself looks looks fairly cheap with a finish that screams plastic. It performed well with movies and data presentation though the acer unit uses an outdated 4 segment colour wheel making for a slightly worse colour reproduction. Thought the colour difference will not be massive between this and newer 5 segment units a 4 segment colour wheel will make rainbow effects more prevalent for people affected by this part of DLP projectors. The unit has inputs for the PC as well as some AV inputs and a standard 2 year warranty on the projector.

All in all though the XD1270D has a fairly cheap buy price it didn't tick a lot of boxes. The image was alright but the look of the unit and the older style 4 segment colour wheel were a problem but i think the major feature of portability isn't addressed with this unit too well. Though it is fairly light weight at 2.17kg it is pretty much a cube.

XD1270D Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 5 .
Acer XD1270D Projector Review
Rating: 3

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