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Casio XJ-A240 Review

Casio XJ-A240 Ultra Slim Portable Projector Review

Casio have released a new set of projectors with a few kew differences in the range:

Brightness Resolution Standard PC Connection PC-Free & Wireless
2000 XGA XJ-A130 XJ-A135
2500 XGA XJ-A140 XJ-A145
2500 WXGA XJ-A240 XJ-A245

The Casio XJ-A240 is the brighter brother of the XJ-A130 2500 lumens instead of 2000 with the upgraded WXGA resolution from the XJ-A140. Casio have specialised in ultra slim projectors for quite a while now and they have pushed the boundaries yet again with the new green slim series offering unprecedented lamp life and setting a new benchmark for running costs.

The XJ-A240 is using a new lighting system replacing the older mercury based lamps with a laser LED hybrid lighting system boasting a massive 20,000 hour lamp life. The new light source also offers a quicker warm up time with full brightness available within seconds and an instant shut off function eliminating cool down times.

Casio Australia has also backed it with an unprecedented 3 year warranty on projector and lamp. They have though stipulated light source warranty is up to 6000 hours but just this warranty period is about twice as much life as you could get from a standard mercury lamp.

The XJ-A240 isn't just a long lamp life it is also incredibly thin making it perfect for portable projection. It could easily slot into a laptop bag of brief case which is a great feature for air travel where they are limiting individual carry on bags. It features an upgraded WXGA resolution so will be fine with detailed presentations and small text with the ability to show widescreen content like training video's and movies in full screen. As an added bonus it will match up with most laptops and computers which have been going widescreen for some years now making it easier to setup. A good contrast level at 1800:1 so would be fine with the odd movie or training video.

Some of our favorite features from the older model have stayed with motorised focus and zoom allowing for adjustments to be made from the remote. An automated keystone correction saving a bit of setup time and a 2x optical zoom lens giving you plenty of adjustment for small rooms or larger ones.

When it comes to inputs they have added a HDMI making it easier to connect with some of the newer laptops featuring that connection but they have kept the VGA for older laptops and composite to plug into Video/DVD players.

The brightness on the XJ-A240 is decent at 2500 lumens so will be fine in the average office as long as there isn't a huge amount of natural light. For heavily lit rooms (lots of windows & sunlight) i'd go for the Epson EB-1735W.

All in all the ultra slim Casio range is well made feature packed and easy to use. The lamp life is revolutionary and though the 2.3kg weight is about 500grams more than some competitors like Epson the slim design is a sure winner.

XJ-A240 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Aug 5 .
Casio XJ-A240 Widescreen Projector Review
Rating: 5

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