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Casio XJ-S30 / XJ-S35 Review

When we first saw the XJ-S30 we knew it would be a big hit, a super slim, high powered projector, perfect for the business professional who is always on the move.

The Casio XJ-S30 is the slimest projector ever, thin enough to easily fit in a briefcase with room to spare. Don't be fooled by the small size though, whilst the unit is incredibly portable and easy to use, it is extemely powerful.

The XJ-S30 has some serious power, it features a surprising 2000 lumens brightness allowing for presentations in lit rooms. The unit also has a 1800:1 contrast ratio providing good deep colour and rich blacks. Casio has also included a handy 2X optical zoom function, giving you more flexibility, great for presentations in smaller rooms or where there isn't much space for placement of the projector.

We are very happy with the image this one outputs and the automated features make it a cinch for even a novice to setup. Yes that's right "put on desk and press on" is pretty much all that's required. The focus and keystone is done automatically and it also has a cool motorized 2x zoom making it really fun to use. We found the auto focus starts to make mistakes the further you go from the screen or wall, but you can adjust everything manually if you preffer that way. The auto focus was good up to about 3metres away from the screen which would be about the furthest you be using it in a standard on the go presentation.

The mst surprising feature is the build. It is small and slim but feels really solid, though we wouldn't like to try it feels like it could survive a pretty serious drop with no hassles.

Casio XJ-S35 Ultra Slim Portable Projector with PC-Free Function
The casio XJ-S35 is the exact same unit but with an adition on a USB port. This port allows you to use it with a wireless dongle(optional) and PC-Free presentations allowing you to present JPEG picture files or AVI video without a laptop. You can even use PC Free for Powerpoint presentations (after a little bit of formating with the Casio software) perfect for repetetive presentations when you can set up a few presentations on a USB memory stick and present strait from the unit. The formatting makes the presentation into sill images so animations and sounds get discarded but it comes out looking like a PowerPoint presentation and you don't need to bring along the 3kg of laptop.

XJ-S30 XJ-S35 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Oct 7 .
Casio XJ-S30 and XJ-S35 Projector Review
Rating: 5

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